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Reboot 11 Pics, Videos, and Links

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, events, ideas (often wacky ones), pics, videos on June 30, 2009 by chrisco

(click to watch the video)

Just time for a quick post to mark the end of another great Reboot. This year’s theme was Action (last year was Free).

Below are some links (and pics). Check back over time, as new and updated content will be posted. Update: is live.

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TechCrunchTalk Nordic and Burt After Party

Posted in events, pics, startups, venture capital, videos on June 5, 2009 by chrisco

Just time to post a few pics from the excellent TechCrunchTalk Nordic in Stockholm last week. Coverage and videos here: TechCrunch and ArcticStartup. Lot of fun and interesting people at the event, including a strong showing from the Gothenburg crew!

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Excellent Jason Fried Video

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, design & development, other people's blogs, startups, videos on November 10, 2008 by chrisco

(click image to watch video)

Unrelated: Bonus presentation: Grids are Good Design — “Designing in a grid for Web Design” by Mark Boulton. March 10, 2007. SXSW, Austin, Texas.

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