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Reboot 11 Pics, Videos, and Links

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, events, ideas (often wacky ones), pics, videos on June 30, 2009 by chrisco

(click to watch the video)

Just time for a quick post to mark the end of another great Reboot. This year’s theme was Action (last year was Free).

Below are some links (and pics). Check back over time, as new and updated content will be posted. Update: is live.

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Chris’s “Blink” Seedcamp Picks

Posted in contests & promotions, events, ideas (often wacky ones), startups, venture capital on September 9, 2008 by chrisco

Not knowing much of anything about these great apps, and making these picks in the blink of an eye, minutes after Seedcamp Twittered the list of finalists (it took me the time between now and then — less than an hour — to review the sites and write and hyperlink this up) here are my favorites:

  • I love! If they want funding, they got it. Still need to get market share and make money, though. Get a taste of my soup here:
  • Very cool, especially if IP is protected (patent). Exit to PayPal/eBay or similar company (Twitter?!) with huge market share? I met Kristoffer and Tuomas at BarCamp in Amsterdam the day after The Next Web Conference. Looking forward to seeing you in London!

The other ones that caught my eye (or gut!) are:

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Open Source Flash Mob / Flash Party

Posted in events, ideas (often wacky ones) on July 1, 2008 by chrisco

Below is a copy of my email (slightly edited) to Kars Alfrink, who gave the great talk Freedom to Play – Urban Procedural Rhetorics at Reboot 10. The email was addressed to him, but is open to all.

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