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Time to Reboot! Copenhagen, Denmark

Posted in contests & promotions, events on June 16, 2009 by chrisco

ANNOUNCEMENT: Want win a free BuzzPal t-shirt?   Find out how at end of this blog post.


Just time for a quick post, as fully half of the BuzzPal team gears up for another great event (and party!) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Last year was our first time at Reboot, thanks to this chain of events (that all took place via email and Twitter):

Turned on to Reboot by @Marston, who we met (and stayed with) in Amsterdam, at @guidoz‘s place (actually his girl’s place) who we met thanks to @patrick, who launched BuzzPal onto the European scene last April, at his (and his partners’) super smoken’ The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.

Ever since Amsterdam, we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many other great events, thanks to our super awesome friends. Thank you, super awesome friends!

BTW, for anyone who was waiting for the last minute before deciding if you’re going to attend this year… it’s now officially the last minute.  Buy your fucking ticket!

Here’s a message I received this morning from @mygdal: “If you haven’t all ready registered there’s 25 tickets left, so absolutely last chance to register if you or a friend wants to participate:”

Ok, I gotta wrap up for now, too much shit to do, too little time (what else is new).  See you next week!


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Geek Meet Stockholm With Chris Heilmann of Yahoo

Posted in contests & promotions, design & development, events on December 15, 2008 by chrisco

Some key takeaways and links from Chris Heilmann’s excellent and fun talk, mostly on front-end design and optimization, but also touching on many other fun, interesting, creative, and playful subjects. Thanks to him, Robert, Creuna, and all the people who made this event possible, including the participants, of course.  This was my second Geek Meet (first one here).

Background information, Chris’ slides, and my notes are below.  Please add whatever you like to the comments, such names and links to your favorite resources, tools, etc.

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Chris’s “Blink” Seedcamp Picks

Posted in contests & promotions, events, ideas (often wacky ones), startups, venture capital on September 9, 2008 by chrisco

Not knowing much of anything about these great apps, and making these picks in the blink of an eye, minutes after Seedcamp Twittered the list of finalists (it took me the time between now and then — less than an hour — to review the sites and write and hyperlink this up) here are my favorites:

  • I love! If they want funding, they got it. Still need to get market share and make money, though. Get a taste of my soup here:
  • Very cool, especially if IP is protected (patent). Exit to PayPal/eBay or similar company (Twitter?!) with huge market share? I met Kristoffer and Tuomas at BarCamp in Amsterdam the day after The Next Web Conference. Looking forward to seeing you in London!

The other ones that caught my eye (or gut!) are:

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Jason Calacanis: Fire Your PR Company

Posted in articles, buzzpal philosophy, contests & promotions, events, other people's blogs, recruiting, startups, venture capital on August 23, 2008 by chrisco

Jason totally nails it. You’ve got to be real, you’ve to got to be passionate.

See Mike Butcher’s excellent addition to the conversation on TechCrunch UK. Also, congratulations to TCUK for being named the best “Web 2.0 and business blog” in the UK, by the readers of Computer Weekly magazine.

Now on to Jason’s article, which was originally posted on (that’s also where the comment thread is).

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$15-Off Coupon Code for BuzzPal T-Shirts

Posted in buzzpal updates, contests & promotions on August 21, 2008 by chrisco

A friend just emailed us about a $15 coupon for BuzzPal’s USA shop. The coupon code is APOLOGY.  That means you can get one of the less expensive t-shirt for FREE (plus shipping) or one of the more expensive ones for under $10 (plus shipping). Not sure when this coupon code will expire, probably real soon, so best to use it right now. If it doesn’t work, check here and search Google and Yahoo for other Spreadshirt coupon codes.

For those of you in the EU, you can order from the USA shop or the EU shop, but I think the coupon code only works in the USA shop.

Either way, check ’em out! The one I’m wearing here is the American Apparel with Flock printing from the EU shop. Totally sweet, as some of you have seen at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Reboot in Copenhagen, and OpenCoffee in Gothenburg.

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It’s time…

Posted in buzzpal updates, contests & promotions, recruiting on December 23, 2007 by chrisco

Time for what?

Time to start the BuzzPal Blog.


Because of some exciting developments we’ll tell you more about soon.

In the meantime, here are a few hints:

1) For much of 2007, we’ve been negotiating with a large, fast-growing and venture-funded startup about our trademark application for BuzzPal. The short version of the story is that they opposed us, spent months trying to impose limitations on us, but wound up having us also impose limitations on them. Understandably, they decided that was a bad idea and proposed dropping our respective limitations and withdrawing their opposition. We agreed. The deal was signed the Friday before Christmas.

2) We camped out overnight and snagged tickets to the hottest concert of 2008 here in Sweden and we’ll soon launch a special promotion, the winner of which gets a free pair of tickets* plus some special goodies. So, who is this mystery artist? Where exactly is the concert? You’ll have to signup at to find out! Hint: The concert date is July 4th and you could say that the artist was born in America.

3) Now that the trademark cloud has lifted, we’re restarting our recruiting efforts. So if you’re young, talented and driven, then check us out and check us out now, before your window of opportunity closes. See All the info you need is right there. This is your chance. Will you take it?

*Contest rules, conditions and limitations will apply, of course.

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