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Yokum Taku’s Take On Vesting

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If you are (or are interested in becoming) a startup founder, early team member or investor, check out Yokum's blog.

A lot’s been going on over at BuzzPal these past couple of months. Besides design and development work, we’re growing the team, forming a new company, negotiating terms, drafting documents, and generally working through all the administrative stuff you gotta do to get a clean start.

One of the questions everybody goes through at this point is: “Who should get how much equity and under what terms and conditions and vesting”? Yokum’s article (below) is about that “vesting” part (other parts to be discussed some below).

Yokum suggests standard 4-year vesting with a 1-year cliff, then equal monthly vesting. It’s hard to argue with that.  Indeed, it’s what I got at MCG (I got options that where converted to restricted stock before our IPO in 2001) and it’s most people get if and when they get equity.

That said, Basil Peters, whose blog,, should also be on your list, makes a strong case that, for founders and co-founders at least:

“[T]he most fair and equitable structure, and the one that maximizes the alignment between the founders and the investors, is to vest like this:

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Web 2.0 Expo Berlin Photo Story

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, buzzpal updates, events, pics, startups, venture capital on November 5, 2008 by chrisco I decided to try something different this time. Instead of writing a standard blogger’s report, I thought it would be neat to put together a photo story of the event, from the opening day and happy hour to the Wednesday and Thursday’s sessions and events, including the great parties each night.

Unfortunately, I did not arrive until then end of the day Tuesday, just in time for the tail end of Startup Ignite, during SoundCloud’s excellent pitch. See full coverage of all the startups on TechCrunch UK.

As many of you know (see my comments at the end of this blog post), entrepreneurs trying to take dreams to reality hold a dear place in my heart. I see them as the ultimate blend of artist, athlete, business person, and politician (in the good way). They are also the ultimate optimists, following their hearts and dreams, undaunted by the doubters and naysayers, relishing the challenge, creating something out of nothing. Dreams to reality. Yes, we can.

Additional comments and links are below, as well as the rest of this photo story:

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Gearing up for Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin

Posted in buzzpal updates, design & development, events, startups, venture capital on October 15, 2008 by chrisco

Just a quick post after a busy few weeks back from London:

BuzzPal and I will be in Berlin next week for the Web 2.0 Expo, staying at the Best Western Hotel am Spittelmarkt.

Here’s is my my conference profile, but the best way to connect there will probably be by Twitter ( or mobile phone (will post the number on Twitter).  Let’s hook up!

Especially other startup founders and teams, prospective team members, freelancers and/or design firms. Also prospective angel investors and of course media and bloggers.

And maybe most of all, to all you other fun and interesting people: Let’s grab a beer and party!


REMEMBER: “Eighty percent of success is showing up” –Woody Allen

Back From Busy Week in London

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(first three pics: Google Developer Day; Seedcamp OpenCoffee; Christian Geissendoerfer and Thomas Schindler, the founders of French Seedcamp startup YOOSE, at the TechCrunch TechTalk, an event that BuzzPal – The World Is Your Party! co-sponsored)

Here’s what we (BuzzPal & me) did in London during Seedcamp week (Sept. 14-20).  After that are more pics.

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Qucik London (Seedcamp Week) Update

Posted in buzzpal updates, events, recruiting, startups, venture capital on September 15, 2008 by chrisco

Just a quick post Monday morning from London. I arrived last night, after a great flight. First I met and chatted with the star and orchestra conductor of Julius Caesar, which opened Saturday night in Gothenburg, at the awesome opera house, which I’ve been to a couple of times. Sitting next to me on the airplane was this really cool Swedish-Greek woman on her way back to London, where she currently lives.  We talked about all kinds of cool stuff and will connect again soon.

After arriving at Heathrow and making my way to Notting Hill, where I’m staying with a friend I know through another friend, Steve and I went straight out for some beers and burgers at a cool neighborhood bar/restaurant.

This morning, I’m off to get an adapter (so I can plug in my laptop) and a UK SIM card (will Twiter the number when I get it).  Next is to work on a BuzzPal document I may show to prospective team members or angels this week.  And to continue connecting you guys here in London and involved with startups and angel capital.  My schedule so far is here:  I won’t be doing any more blogs until I’m back in Sweden, but I will be updating my Twitter page, which is here:  Follow me there to see what’s going on and to connect.  That’s where I’ll post my UK mobile phone number (when I get it).  Please get in touch if you think we should meet.


PS: Why I used the TehCrunch, Seedamp, BuzzPal, YOOSE image header: Because BuzzPal is sponsoring the TechCrunch Tech Talk on Thursday.  YOOSE (Seedcamp participant) is coming, as are about 100 others, from what I understand.  If there are any more tickets left, you can buy them here.

1) BuzzPal Co-Sponsors TechCrunch-Seedcamp Event, 2) Are You Bold? Show Me…

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, buzzpal updates, events, recruiting, startups, venture capital on September 10, 2008 by chrisco

BuzzPal is co-sponsoring its first ever event next week, the TechCrunch UK Tech Talk. It’s part of Seedcamp week and is Thursday afternoon (18 Sept.) at 15:00.  It will include three panels chaired by Mike Butcher, the editor of TechCrunch UK:

  1. Startup perspectives
  2. Trends in Europe
  3. “New startups versus old hands”

After the discussions there will be drinks and informal networking. After that is the TechCrunch/Seedcamp party.

As part of our sponsorship, BuzzPal got a 1×1-meter demo table and one extra ticket. BUT, we don’t have a demo and I don’t want the table to go to waste.  Therefore, I am making it available to one of you.

Email me here or direct message me here if you are interested.

This is your chance to get in front of all the people at the event. This is TechCrunch and Seedcamp we are talking about. There will be media, bloggers, investors, and more there.

Startups at DEMO in the USA paid $18,500 to do their thing with dozens of other startups competing for attention, plus the 50 startups at TechCrunch 50. That is a LOT of noise (see the TC50 demo pit). That will NOT be the case here (only one other startup demo).

This is your chance. “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” (“Fortune favors the bold“). This is a fact: Wikipedia.

My question is, Who among you are bold? Who wants to use our table? Email me now:


PS: Related post from yesterday: “Blink” Seedcamp picks.

Seedcamp Update

Posted in buzzpal updates, startups, venture capital on August 26, 2008 by chrisco

Congrats and have a blast to those invited! To those who didn’t, like BuzzPal, save that turn down email, it will look great framed one day!

Seriously, I hope you got as much out of the application process as we did:

  • Made first video
  • Recruited a co-founder (that didn’t work, unfortunately)
  • Got first mention in media and on blogs, including TechCrunch UK
  • More!

It’s been awesome! Thanks again, Seedcamp people for the kick in the pants!

NOTE: Even though BuzzPal was not invited to be a Seedcamp team, I will be in London for Seedcamp week, anyway, and a number of meetings are already scheduled, with more to come (with you?). My schedule so far is hereHit me up if you want to connect.


REMEMBER: “Eighty percent of success is showing up” –Woody Allen