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The BuzzPal Blog (RSS or email) gives you a behind the scenes look at early-stage startups, their founders, teams, and other stakeholders.

We show you that world through a unique, creative and alternative lens, a lens that says almost all conventional wisdom is wrong and that true creativity often comes from the people and places you least expect.

How can we say that?  Because we are living it every day, working to bring our BuzzPal dreams to reality, meeting and interacting with startups, founders, investors, journalists, and bloggers from around the world. See some of BuzzPal’s coverage in The BuzzPal Blog’s Events category.

Want us to cover your event or review your product or service? Get in touch.

We also use this blog to publish BuzzPal news and updates, share our philosophy, and highlight stories you may find interesting if you’re involved with Web 2.0 Internet startups. We read hundreds of blogs and interesting articles each week, but we only replublish a select few. It’s our own “best of the best” list.  Follow BuzzPal’s founder at twitter.com/chrisco and friendfeed.com/chrisco to catch stuff we don’t have time to post here.

Enjoy and welcome back!

About BuzzPal – The World Is Your Party:

BuzzPal is a pre-launch Web 2.0 startup. More information is available here:

Thanks for your support. Please tell your friends about us and check out our new t-shirt shop, which carries over a dozen styles and ships worldwide. The shirt Chris is wearing in the picture above, and the one you might see him in at events, is this exact one.

chrisco and The BuzzPal Team


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