Reboot 11 Pics, Videos, and Links

(click to watch the video)

Just time for a quick post to mark the end of another great Reboot. This year’s theme was Action (last year was Free).

Below are some links (and pics). Check back over time, as new and updated content will be posted. Update: is live.

Regarding the BuzzPal t-shirt promo mentioned here, we gave away two t-shirts at Reboot (via this tweet) and are giving away one more right now to someone on the sign-up list.  The winner is Jesse V, whom we are emailing now.  Jesse has one week to claim the t-shirt, otherwise we’ll draw a different winner from the list.  We’ll do more promos in the future, too, of course.

2009-7-2 UPDATE: @jmvanderpol just claimed his free BuzzPal t-shirt!  Congrats, Jesse!  We’ll be giving away more freebies soon.

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  1. […] PS: Larger sizes of a couple of the black-and-white pics plus a few of the other cool pics (if you liked the abstract effects) up at  Update: Fast forward one year to Reboot 11 Pics, Videos, and Links. […]

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