Time to Reboot! Copenhagen, Denmark

ANNOUNCEMENT: Want win a free BuzzPal t-shirt?   Find out how at end of this blog post.


Just time for a quick post, as fully half of the BuzzPal team gears up for another great event (and party!) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Last year was our first time at Reboot, thanks to this chain of events (that all took place via email and Twitter):

Turned on to Reboot by @Marston, who we met (and stayed with) in Amsterdam, at @guidoz‘s place (actually his girl’s place) who we met thanks to @patrick, who launched BuzzPal onto the European scene last April, at his (and his partners’) super smoken’ The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.

Ever since Amsterdam, we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many other great events, thanks to our super awesome friends. Thank you, super awesome friends!

BTW, for anyone who was waiting for the last minute before deciding if you’re going to attend this year… it’s now officially the last minute.  Buy your fucking ticket!

Here’s a message I received this morning from @mygdal: “If you haven’t all ready registered there’s 25 tickets left, so absolutely last chance to register if you or a friend wants to participate: http://register.reboot.dk.”

Ok, I gotta wrap up for now, too much shit to do, too little time (what else is new).  See you next week!



For a chance to win a BuzzPal t-shirt, including free shipping, just enter your email address here.

After we get back from Reboot, we’ll randomly pick (and email) winners off that list. People emailed will have a week to claim their prize by replying back with their size and shipping info. If they don’t, they’ll forfeit and we’ll randomly pick someone else.  We’ll wash, rinse, and repeat until the allotted t-shirts are out the door.

BTW, if you can’t wait and/or just want to support a bootstrapping team of persistent mo-fos (us), please just go ahead and buy a shirt direct from our shop.  Thank you.

PS: Just found that @vesterinen, @PaulaMarttila and their other partners in crime over at ArcticStartup.com are putting ArcticEvening Goes Copenhagen on the eve of Reboot.  Read about it and Get Your Free Ticket here.


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