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13 Tips for Creating a Successful New Online Product

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, other people's blogs, recruiting, startups on January 12, 2009 by chrisco

Overall a great list of reminders Daniel Tenner’s blog, blog.

13 Tips for Creating a Successful New Online Product
By Daniel Tenner

There is much talk these days about building a product for a niche and making a lifestyle business out of it. Much of the online literature about starting up is focused on how to create some fantastic product which will gather millions of visitors and make you a billionaire, and the “new wave”, so to speak, proposes that rather than taking a 1 in 10’000 bet that you can make billions, it is better to take a 1 in 10 bet that you can make millions.

Since I have started two such businesses already, here are thirteen tips from my own experience:

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