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Geek Meet Stockholm With Chris Heilmann of Yahoo

Posted in contests & promotions, design & development, events on December 15, 2008 by chrisco

Some key takeaways and links from Chris Heilmann’s excellent and fun talk, mostly on front-end design and optimization, but also touching on many other fun, interesting, creative, and playful subjects. Thanks to him, Robert, Creuna, and all the people who made this event possible, including the participants, of course.  This was my second Geek Meet (first one here).

Background information, Chris’ slides, and my notes are below.  Please add whatever you like to the comments, such names and links to your favorite resources, tools, etc.

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The 120% Solution

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, other people's blogs, startups, venture capital on December 14, 2008 by chrisco

An excerpt from Jason Calacanis’ excellent email list (subscribe):

The 120% Solution
By Jason Calcanis

If we’re going to have any chance of bringing America back to greatness, we’re all going to have to work 20% more than we have been.

I’m suggesting that, until America takes care of its debt, untangles the housing mess and gets unemployment under control, we all commit to working six days a week. Yep, move the standard 35-40 hour work week right up to 48 hours.

For me and my team, this is a non-issue, since we only hire folks who are looking to absolutely kill it, love what they do and don’t consider it a job.

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The ABC’s of Conducting a Technical Interview

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, other people's blogs, recruiting, startups on December 2, 2008 by chrisco

A great reminder for us here at BuzzPal
(and for anyone looking to join us!):

The ABCDEF’s of Conducting a Technical Interview
By Eric Ries
Lessons Learned

I am incredibly proud of the people I have hired over the course of my career. Finding great engineers is hard; figuring out who’s good is even harder. The most important step in evaluating a candidate is conducting a good technical interview. If done right, a programming interview serves two purposes simultaneously. On the one hand, it gives you insight into what kind of employee the candidate might be. But it also is your first exercise in impressing them with the values your company holds. This second objective plays no small part in allowing you to hire the best.

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