Qucik London (Seedcamp Week) Update

Just a quick post Monday morning from London. I arrived last night, after a great flight. First I met and chatted with the star and orchestra conductor of Julius Caesar, which opened Saturday night in Gothenburg, at the awesome opera house, which I’ve been to a couple of times. Sitting next to me on the airplane was this really cool Swedish-Greek woman on her way back to London, where she currently lives.  We talked about all kinds of cool stuff and will connect again soon.

After arriving at Heathrow and making my way to Notting Hill, where I’m staying with a friend I know through another friend, Steve and I went straight out for some beers and burgers at a cool neighborhood bar/restaurant.

This morning, I’m off to get an adapter (so I can plug in my laptop) and a UK SIM card (will Twiter the number when I get it).  Next is to work on a BuzzPal document I may show to prospective team members or angels this week.  And to continue connecting you guys here in London and involved with startups and angel capital.  My schedule so far is here: buzzpal.com/cal.  I won’t be doing any more blogs until I’m back in Sweden, but I will be updating my Twitter page, which is here: twitter.com/chrisco.  Follow me there to see what’s going on and to connect.  That’s where I’ll post my UK mobile phone number (when I get it).  Please get in touch if you think we should meet.


PS: Why I used the TehCrunch, Seedamp, BuzzPal, YOOSE image header: Because BuzzPal is sponsoring the TechCrunch Tech Talk on Thursday.  YOOSE (Seedcamp participant) is coming, as are about 100 others, from what I understand.  If there are any more tickets left, you can buy them here.


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  1. The official TechCrunch Tech Talk / Seedcamp party press release. BuzzPal is a sponsor (our first-ever sponsorship): http://asset.soup.io/asset/0129/9148_93d9.pdf

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