1) BuzzPal Co-Sponsors TechCrunch-Seedcamp Event, 2) Are You Bold? Show Me…

BuzzPal is co-sponsoring its first ever event next week, the TechCrunch UK Tech Talk. It’s part of Seedcamp week and is Thursday afternoon (18 Sept.) at 15:00.  It will include three panels chaired by Mike Butcher, the editor of TechCrunch UK:

  1. Startup perspectives
  2. Trends in Europe
  3. “New startups versus old hands”

After the discussions there will be drinks and informal networking. After that is the TechCrunch/Seedcamp party.

As part of our sponsorship, BuzzPal got a 1×1-meter demo table and one extra ticket. BUT, we don’t have a demo and I don’t want the table to go to waste.  Therefore, I am making it available to one of you.

Email me here buzzpal.com/contact or direct message me here twitter.com/chrisco if you are interested.

This is your chance to get in front of all the people at the event. This is TechCrunch and Seedcamp we are talking about. There will be media, bloggers, investors, and more there.

Startups at DEMO in the USA paid $18,500 to do their thing with dozens of other startups competing for attention, plus the 50 startups at TechCrunch 50. That is a LOT of noise (see the TC50 demo pit). That will NOT be the case here (only one other startup demo).

This is your chance. “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” (“Fortune favors the bold“). This is a fact: Wikipedia.

My question is, Who among you are bold? Who wants to use our table? Email me now: buzzpal.com/contact.


PS: Related post from yesterday: “Blink” Seedcamp picks.


5 Responses to “1) BuzzPal Co-Sponsors TechCrunch-Seedcamp Event, 2) Are You Bold? Show Me…”

  1. […] The World Is Your Party http://www.buzzpal.com « Jason Calacanis: How To Demo Your Startup 1) BuzzPal Co-Sponsors TechCrunch-Seedcamp Event, 2) Are You Bold? Show Me… […]

  2. UPDATE:
    Wow, that was fast.
    The demo table is gone.
    Bold AND fast.
    The way I like it!

  3. Looking forward to present the YOOSE connected wallet prototype. 🙂
    Best, Christian

  4. […] let me know.  Last week I helped YOOSE (and they helped me), an awesome Seedcamp startup that I offered my (BuzzPal) TechCrunch demo table to. I would have done it free, but I was already sleeping on a couch for the week to afford to come to […]

  5. […] Schindler, founders YOOSE, soon arrived and setup the demo table I hooked them up with (they were bold).  It was a great event, which you can read about, and see on video (see links, below).  After […]

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