Chris’s “Blink” Seedcamp Picks

Not knowing much of anything about these great apps, and making these picks in the blink of an eye, minutes after Seedcamp Twittered the list of finalists (it took me the time between now and then — less than an hour — to review the sites and write and hyperlink this up) here are my favorites:

  • I love! If they want funding, they got it. Still need to get market share and make money, though. Get a taste of my soup here:
  • Very cool, especially if IP is protected (patent). Exit to PayPal/eBay or similar company (Twitter?!) with huge market share? I met Kristoffer and Tuomas at BarCamp in Amsterdam the day after The Next Web Conference. Looking forward to seeing you in London!

The other ones that caught my eye (or gut!) are:

  • Looks cool, but I’m not a developer, so can’t really tell if it offers something new, better, differentiated, etc.  Real nice demo video on the site, guys.
  • Guys after my own heart (“passionate travellers”). I love the space, but it’s tough. These guys are just getting started, and hopefully with some hard work, good press, a little help from friends, they will build a winner. I hope to meet you guys next week.
  • Uber cool. And a super nice group (I met Dragos and Vladimir in Amsterdam and am looking forward to seeing in London next week).
  • I like the space (hell, BuzzPal will be partially in that space when it ever f-ing sprouts!).  Registered for TripWolf and it looks like a good start.  I hope to meet and chat with you guys, probably on Tuesday night or Thursday afternoon and/or evening (see below).
  • Can’t tell much yet, but if it does what they say it will do, it might be able to grab a piece of this large and valuable pie.  Not going to be easy, and must sign the right deals with the right channels, bring traffic at reasonable rate, convert ’em, and turn ’em into repeat customers who spread growth virally.

Looks like lots of other great startups and apps here (entire list at bottom of this post).  I just had a few minutes to go through and thought it would be fun to let my gut (Blink) make a few quick calls, on the record.  It’s all in the spirit of fun and promoting the great Seedcamp event and all the people and startups around it.  As I’ve said many times, GREAT JOB GUYS! And, of course, just because I mentioned one startup and not another doesn’t mean jack, I just wrote up what caught my eye in the first instant. BTW, if you haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s books yet, I highly recommend them.

NOTE: BuzzPal is co-sponsoring the TechCrunch Talk with some others. I might have room for one startup to share BuzzPal’s demo table with, if it’s allowed. Email me or send me a Twitter direct message at if you might be interested. This applies to any startups who is attending and has a good use of the table.  See this post for more information.

ALSO: I would love to meet and chat with you next week in London.  My calendar so far is here:  I’m up for meeting any and all nice and interesting people who want to chat about startups, traveling, partying, venture capital, angel capital, and/or lots of other fun topics.  Maybe you want to join me, maybe you want me to join you, maybe you just want to say “hey” or grab a beer.  It’s all good! I’m just on this trip to have fun and meet people and see where it goes. All part of the real-time experiment and adventure!


Here is the complete list, as originally published here on Seedcamp’s blog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t get to “blink” the Seedcampers that weren’t hyperlinked on the original Seedcamp announcement, which I think has since been updated.  Now that some of you have commented (thanks), I’ve added some links here and will continue to do so as I get them (just leave a comment and then I’ll add the link).  I put a * next to the ones that got added after this post was written and published (so everybody can tell who I got the chance to blink and who I didn’t).  I look forward to checking you all out, and again, you guys all rock.  Keep cranking!  Thanks.  Cheers, Chris

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13 Responses to “Chris’s “Blink” Seedcamp Picks”

  1. […] Chris’s “Blink” Seedcamp Picks […]

  2. Chris, we’ve included our link now on the Seedcamp announcement. Looking forward to meet you next week.
    Best, Christian

  3. Thanks for adding the links to the comments, guys. I will update the post shortly (just got home and eating a late dinner now. Swedish Meatballs! Yum!!

  4. […] we’ve been watching SeedCamp in London, England. Chris Comella from BuzzPal did a great “blink” reaction on his top SeedCamp picks, and will also be heading to London to hang out with the SeedCampers even though he didn’t […]

  5. Seedcamp posted a follow-up blog and five honorable mentions here: That post also picked up on a theme from this Seedcamp forum thread: (see the “PS” to my 1 Sept comment and Reshma’s reply to it).

    Regarding the Seedcamp honorable mentions: reminds me of the (ever so slightly more subtle? or not?!) BuzzBangBoom concept. You get the idea: “Let’s party!” vs. “Let’s hookup!” vs. “Next!” is cool, but not really Web 2.0 (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), at least on my first blink.

  6. PS: Regarding BuzzBangBoom (mentioned in my comment above):

    Anyone who wants to blow out and/or a Facebook App of the same name, hit me up, tell me your proposal, such as you do what in exchange for what? We’re basically talking about work, cash in, cash out, and equity.

    This is just a side riff/niche project, but it’s bite sized and we have the DNA from which to sample and modify: (the original) and (one of the many riffs out there).

    NOTE: James Hong sold HotOrNot for about $20 million: The HotOrNot Facebook App has 965,000 monthly active users: Do the math, it’s worth something 🙂

  7. Looking forward to meeting you too!


    BuzzPal is co-sponsoring the event with some others:

    As part of that sponsorship, we have a 1×1-meter demo table and one extra ticket. BUT, we don’t have a demo.

    I don’t want the table to go to waste. I want to make it available to one of you.

    So email me here or direct message me here if you are interested.

    This is your chance to DEMO YOUR APP to all the people at the event. This is TechCrunch and Seedcamp we are talking about. There will be media, bloggers, investors, and more there.

    Startups at DEMO in the USA paid $18,000 to do their thing with dozens of other startups competing for attention, plus the 50 startups at TechCrunch 50. That is a LOT of noise. That will NOT be the case here.

    This is your chance. “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” (Fortune favors the bold). This is a fact:

    Who of you are bold? Email me now:


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  10. Congrats to Seedcamp, and all the teams and people. Big hat tip to Basekit, Kyko, Mobclix, Soup, Stupeflix, Toksta & uberVU! Cheers!

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