$15-Off Coupon Code for BuzzPal T-Shirts

A friend just emailed us about a $15 coupon for BuzzPal’s USA shop. The coupon code is APOLOGY.  That means you can get one of the less expensive t-shirt for FREE (plus shipping) or one of the more expensive ones for under $10 (plus shipping). Not sure when this coupon code will expire, probably real soon, so best to use it right now. If it doesn’t work, check here and search Google and Yahoo for other Spreadshirt coupon codes.

For those of you in the EU, you can order from the USA shop or the EU shop, but I think the coupon code only works in the USA shop.

Either way, check ’em out! The one I’m wearing here is the American Apparel with Flock printing from the EU shop. Totally sweet, as some of you have seen at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Reboot in Copenhagen, and OpenCoffee in Gothenburg.

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One Response to “$15-Off Coupon Code for BuzzPal T-Shirts”

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