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The 4-Stages of Testing Your Web App

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, design & development, other people's blogs, startups on August 27, 2008 by chrisco

Aroxo: The 4-Stages of Testing Your Web Product
By Matt Rogers
2008-2-19 and (original)

Editor’s Note: Matt Rogers is the founder of Aroxo, a novel retail and exchange website based in London. Matt has been chronicling his founder’s experience, and sharing the lessons learned with Found|READ. Earlier posts include How to bootstrap Your Startup and Getting to Launch. His latest installment is about site testing, and how best to “iron out the kinks” prior to launch. Aroxo is almost ready.

Aroxo recently turned a major corner in its development: We moved from closed functional testing to using real live alpha testers — people who’d never seen Aroxo before. Without doubt, this is one of the most revealing, painful, and valuable stages in creating your start-up.

When launching anything you want to ensure that it works, but also that people find it easy and natural to use. Your [internal] functional testing should cover the first objective, your [open] alpha testing should cover the UI.

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Seedcamp Update

Posted in buzzpal updates, startups, venture capital on August 26, 2008 by chrisco

Congrats and have a blast to those invited! To those who didn’t, like BuzzPal, save that turn down email, it will look great framed one day!

Seriously, I hope you got as much out of the application process as we did:

  • Made first video
  • Recruited a co-founder (that didn’t work, unfortunately)
  • Got first mention in media and on blogs, including TechCrunch UK
  • More!

It’s been awesome! Thanks again, Seedcamp people for the kick in the pants!

NOTE: Even though BuzzPal was not invited to be a Seedcamp team, I will be in London for Seedcamp week, anyway, and a number of meetings are already scheduled, with more to come (with you?). My schedule so far is hereHit me up if you want to connect.


REMEMBER: “Eighty percent of success is showing up” –Woody Allen


Jason Calacanis: Fire Your PR Company

Posted in articles, buzzpal philosophy, contests & promotions, events, other people's blogs, recruiting, startups, venture capital on August 23, 2008 by chrisco

Jason totally nails it. You’ve got to be real, you’ve to got to be passionate.

See Mike Butcher’s excellent addition to the conversation on TechCrunch UK. Also, congratulations to TCUK for being named the best “Web 2.0 and business blog” in the UK, by the readers of Computer Weekly magazine.

Now on to Jason’s article, which was originally posted on (that’s also where the comment thread is).

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Open Source Series AA Equity Financing Documents From Combinator & WSGR

Posted in other people's blogs, startups, venture capital on August 22, 2008 by chrisco

Hat tip to YC and WSGR for putting these out there. Not that these docs are a substitute for a good lawyer, working for you, paid by you, representing you, but they let startups and founders without previous venture finance experience (BuzzPal’s founder has experience) get a preview of the types of docs and language they might expect to see if/when they raise this type of capital.

  • See this YC page to read about and download the YC docs one-by-one.
  • Or click here to download all six docs in one zip file I made.

Another great source of more advanced documents is…

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$15-Off Coupon Code for BuzzPal T-Shirts

Posted in buzzpal updates, contests & promotions on August 21, 2008 by chrisco

A friend just emailed us about a $15 coupon for BuzzPal’s USA shop. The coupon code is APOLOGY.  That means you can get one of the less expensive t-shirt for FREE (plus shipping) or one of the more expensive ones for under $10 (plus shipping). Not sure when this coupon code will expire, probably real soon, so best to use it right now. If it doesn’t work, check here and search Google and Yahoo for other Spreadshirt coupon codes.

For those of you in the EU, you can order from the USA shop or the EU shop, but I think the coupon code only works in the USA shop.

Either way, check ’em out! The one I’m wearing here is the American Apparel with Flock printing from the EU shop. Totally sweet, as some of you have seen at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Reboot in Copenhagen, and OpenCoffee in Gothenburg.

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BuzzPal Video Pitch to Seedcamp

Posted in buzzpal philosophy, events, other people's blogs, recruiting, startups, venture capital on August 7, 2008 by chrisco

2008-9-21 Update: See here for a video interview where BuzzPal’s founder breaks news with Ville Vesterinen of The video was shot in London at the Seedcamp OpenCoffee (18 Sept. 2008). Later that day, BuzzPal co-sponsored the first-ever TechCrunch Tech Talk, featuring Mike Butcher moderating four panel discussions and an audience of over 100 startups, venture capitalists, angel investors, bloggers, and media. The event was streamed live on TechCrunch and TechCcrunch UK.

Here is the 10-minute version and here is the 2-minute version that we posted on the Seedcamp blog. If you just want to see the 1-minute music/photo video of some of the people and places that got us this far, here ya go: BuzzPal Music/Photo Video.

When watching the video, please bear in mind that this is BuzzPal’s first-ever PowerPoint presentation, first-ever video “pitch,” and it was done in a couple of hours, using some new tools and low-budget equipment. So be kind!

Also, please bear in mind that BuzzPal’s founder was in venture finance in the media, communications, publishing, and technology areas from 1999 to 2003 (MCG went public on the NASDAQ in 2001). During that time he has seen hundreds of pitches, so he knows what he likes in a pitch, especially a first pitch (see you expose yourself and show your personality + be different) and what he doesn’t like (see your formal face or fake/boring personality + talk the same old smack).

Yes, we don’t go into a lot of detail. That’s pretty common for pre-launch startups. This is not the launch video or private presentation we give to prospective stakeholders. This is the public version, the teaser version. Don’t like it? Tough cookies. Unless you’re one of the guys and gals who has gotten down in the dirt, in the arena, struggled for your life, in full public view, then you probably have no business being a critic. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the U.S., had to say about it:

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