Back From Stockholm Geek Meet

Just time for a quick Monday morning post.

After connecting with some startup folks and developers in Stockholm, I booked a last-minute trip to one of their Geek Meet events. It was great. Looked like about 50 people in attendance. I only got a chance to meet and talk with a few of them, but made some good contacts, including the event organizer, a couple of lead developers for Swedish Web 2.0 startups, some designers, front-end programmers, and others.

Looking forward to staying in touch and expanding the circle. It’s a great community. So different than the cut-throat “Wall Street world” I swam in after business school. Very refreshing. If you’re involved in it, I guess you already know, but it’s new to me and I’ve been hooked ever since getting my first taste a few weeks ago in Amsterdam.

A few more Geek Meet pics are below. The entire Stockholm photo set is on my personal blog,

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2 Responses to “Back From Stockholm Geek Meet”

  1. […] the trip was so I could attend the a tech event on Thursday night (you can read more about that on The BuzzPal Blog). Friday we around Stockholm all day, then came back to Gothenburg on Saturday morning. Great trip. […]

  2. […] Some key takeaways and links from Chris Heilmann’s excellent and fun talk, mostly on front-end design and optimization, but also touching on many other fun, interesting, creative, and playful subjects. Thanks to him, Robert, Creuna, and all the geeks for another great event (my second Geek Meet — first one here). […]

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