Back From The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam

  • The first pic is me sitting at my desk wishing I could go to The Next Web Conference. As of 6:00 PM the night before, I was not going.
  • The second pic I’ll get to in a minute.
  • The third pic is me and Kevin Rose at the conference!

How the f*ck did that happen?! And how was the conference and experience?

Well, if you were into the Dead back in the day (picture #2), you might have “miracled” someone–especially someone you don’t know–with a ticket at the last minute. That’s what happened to me. Thank you, Patrick.

I’m actually grateful to many people who made this such an amazing experience, especially Guido and Sandra, who let me (and Marston) use Sandra’s apartment at the Flower Market.

It was all just so cool. And it goes so well with the philosophy and vibe I’ve tried to live my whole life, especially during and after the Dead days, which you can read a little more about here. Also similar ideas in my MySpace “hero’s” section here (bottom of left-hand column), my “about me” page, and the last paragraph of my “disclaimer” page. All those ideas circle back to this post, which is about spreading positive vibes, paying it forward, and expanding the circle. It’s one of my fundamental beliefs that the circle is expanded through one-on-one connections, especially new connections across some sort of cultural or other variation.

Anyway, back to the Amsterdam trip. So many cool things happened over the past three days I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll just mention one, since it formed another cool circle:

When I found out I was coming to Amsterdam I knew I wanted to bring something special for Patrick and Guido:

When I got to Amsterdam and met up with Guido, he took me up to the apartment, which is actually his partner, Sandra’s. So I gave the wrapped gift to Guido to give to Sandra (she was home at his place with the flu).

The next day, Guido told me they really liked the Dalarna Hast because he had one as a small child and then never again until now, 30+ years later, when their baby is due to arrive. It made me happy to hear that story.

Well, now this blog has gotten long and personal, so I’ll wrap it up now and post a few pics:

BarCamp on Saturday was great too!

Now on to the pics:


2 Responses to “Back From The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam”

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  2. […] teams, and old friends, such as Dragos and Vladimir of UberVU, whom I first met in Amsterdam, at The Next Web Conference and Barcamp.  BTW, they are one of the Seedcamp “winners,” congrats guys, and congrats […]

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