If you’re going to launch a startup, how many friends do you need?

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This is an interesting, if not necessarily statistically significant, chart and blog posting I found on blogs.msdn.com.

One comment on the MySpace stats, which list two cofounders:

Brad Greenspan was a third MySpace cofunder. He was forced out and the company was sold for a song to NewsCorp. See FreeMySpace.com and Brad’s blog for more info on that.

Now on to the article:

Friday, February 23, 2007 2:38 PM by Chan Chaiyochlarb:

Once in a while, I always like to research and take down some “useless statistics”, which probably doesn’t have any real meaning, but interesting to waste time at. And here is one of them.

I have always been curious as to how many people does it take to “found” a successful company. So I decide to dig up some pretty shallow info on big name companies and their founders, and find the average number of founders among those companies. The list simply contains just companies which are started by individuals, not a subsidy of another corporation (e.g. Alta Vista). Although they could eventually be acquired by other companies.

So it looks like chance of success is definitely better with a team of two. I think two is a good number — it’s easy to collaborate and get things done. A single phone call would be sufficient to get both stakeholders in touch with each other. In addition, two-person team would not take up too much space as well, which makes either a single-car or two-car garage an ideal place to setup office, conference room, server racks, and so on. That’s what I call flexibility.

This sort of puts new perspective into the old saying, “Two heads are better than one”, doesn’t it.


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