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Below are a few selected “tips” to help you understand BuzzPal’s philosophy and where we are in the startup lifecycle. Hint: We just settled a trademark dispute and are now recruiting technical cofounder(s).

Tip 0: You must have code: Working code proves that a system is possible, and it also proves that the team can build the system. Having working code is a launchpad for your business. In the old days, tech companies were funded based on an idea written on a piece of paper. Today, a startup needs to have not only working code, but an assembled system and active users in order to land venture capital money.

Tip 1: You must have a technical co-founder.

Tip 2: Hire A+ engineers who love coding.

Tip 3: Keep the engineering team small and do not outsource: A team of 2-3 rockstar engineers can build pretty much any system because they are good at what they do, love building software, focus on the goal, and don’t get in each other’s way. A team of 20 so-so engineers will not get very far. The truth is that most successful software today is built by just a handful of good engineers. Less is more applies equally to code and to the number of people working on it.

Tip 4: Ask tough questions during the interview.

Tip 5: Avoid hiring non-technical managers.

Tip 6: Cultivate an agile culture.

Tip 7: Do not re-invent the wheel: Whether you are using JavaScript or PHP or .NET or Python or Ruby, there are likely already libraries out there that can help you. Re-writing existing libraries is a waste of your time and you are not likely to do it better.

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