Startup Math

1 + 1 = 1/2

From’s recent post about entrepreneur Chris Lyman:

I do funding a bit different than other entrepreneurs. I launch the company myself. I form (some of) the team. We build the product. We get to revenues… and we even go profitable. In short: we get our ship lean, mean, and pumping efficacy from every valve. Then we go get VC funding [if necessary].

I couldn’t have said it better myself. My background includes venture debt & equity investing, from the go-go late 1990s through the breathtaking cyclical peak, to the post-9/11 trough, and back up through the recovery (which is now well past its peak). It’s been a tremendous experience. Timing is everything, as they say. Actually Marc Andreessen says the only thing that matters is the market.

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One Response to “Startup Math”

  1. It’s all about proving the product, proving the commercial viability and proving the team behind the company. Then you can raise financing. It is easier this way. I do the same as you do.

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